Friends-locked! (The Intropost)

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My name is Luna, welcome to my journal! This is where I post about RL, with some flailing and angst thrown in on the side. Emoji spam, intensely ungrammatical at times, and utterly me. Much drama involved. You have been warned.
If you're looking for my writing, go to scattered_paper! Subs can be found at hatenai_subs.
Don't add me for subs/fics, they're not posted here!

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So what about you? Introduce yourself! It's no fun if you learn about me but not the other way around. :)

I'm always happy to make friends, as long as I'm treated as a friend and not some sot of twisted status symbol or whatever!

Nice to meet you! Welcome and enjoy your visit to my journal!♥
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[PUBLIC] flumpool/WEAVER con report!


(repost, but this is a public post with extra bits that i have just remembered added in! :D if you've seen the locked version this one's about the same. making public on request.)

please note that there will be very little mention of actual songs played. this report will consist more of feels and spazzing. AND PHOTOS.

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